www.ShopperScanned.com has been ShopperScanned®


www.ShopperScanned.com has been tested for website vulnerabilities. When you see the ShopperScanned® SAFE SHOPPING™ certification seal displayed on a website, that site has already passed our vulnerability tests. The site must also continue to pass all follow-up vulnerability testing. This enables you, the consumer, to know that the site you have chosen to shop from not only has the proper security measures in place, but also must maintain those measures to protect its customers identity and credit card information from theft.

The ShopperScanned® SAFE SHOPPING™ Seal means:
  • Testing from the most up-to-date vulnerability database.
  • Testing for vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Testing for the SANS/FBI Top 20 vulnerabilities.
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ShopperScanned® is a registered trademark. Copyright © ShopperScanned.com.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as an indication of the security efforts of this website and its operators. While website vulnerability testing cannot 100% guarantee security, it does test the website for vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited, thus helping shield your personal information. This does not protect any information that may be shared with others. By using the information supplied, you agree that we cannot and will not be held liable in any event. To verify legitimate participation in the ShopperScanned® program, please make sure the web box address starts with http://www.shopperscanned.com, please contact us (link below) to report fraudulent use of our service.

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